Autor/Artista Jaume Parera
Publication type
Client Jaume Parera
Col·laboracions Óscar Guayabero, Bernat Lladó, Gustavo Duch
Disseny i direcció d'art La Bibliogràfica
Coordinació de producció La Bibliogràfica
Tiratge 300u
Any 2019
Pàgina de l'autor https://jaumeparera.com/

With La Bibliogràfica I’ve produced both of my editorial projects, and my experience has been entirely positive and encouraging. Thanks to their great professionalism I could edit and publish two photobooks, and give visibility to other photographic projects. Their advice has always been integrated in an open and transparent process that develops all the essential stages of the design of a photobook: art direction, graphic edition, preparation of a micro-sponsorship campaign, and pre-printout.


Jaume Parera

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