La Bibliogràfica is a books’ design and creation lab
at the service of books’ authors

La Bibliogràfica is a books’ design and creation lab
at the service of books’ authors

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book’s laboratory

La Bibliogràfica is a books’ laboratory/workshop aimed at the cultural and artistic sector, from which creation, co-edition, design, art direction and whole artists’ and photography books production specialized knowledge, tools and accompaniment are offered. It is a lab in which we transform and develop artistic and visual projects into an edition format, prioritizing dialogue and creative research processes, with individualized solutions aimed at creating books with added value. During this accompaniment we work in the projects together with their authors, in the creative research we help focalize bibliophile potentialities of each project, we co-edit the visual proposal, we design the graphics and the page placement, and we plan the roadmap and coordinate all the production process in order to carry out a good book.

Located in Caldes de Montbui, La Bibliogràfica has created plenty of books for artists and cultural institutions, receiving prizes, awards and important mentions such as FAD Prizes, PhotoEspaña, Selection Arles, Le Bal, Fedrigoni Top Award 2022, Images Vevey, Esch European Culture Capital 2022…

design, art direction, layout, pre-printout and managing

In La Bibliogràfica we understand the photobook and art book as a cultural instrument, as a visual proposal, as well as graphic and editorial.

We offer all the essential tools in order to be able to do it: co-edition, graphic design, art direction, layout, pre-printout and production managing.

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coaching and self-publishing services

La Bibliogràfica is a link and a necessary connector to help emerging artists in their way to professionalization. It was born out of cultural support vocation, specifically because an editorial industry specialized in photobooks and artists’ books does not exist here. Therefore, to try to fill these gaps, La Bibliogràfica offers the essential tools and support for the creation of artistic and cultural instruments in the shape of books for artists.

La Bibliogràfica’s own projects

La Bibliogràfica has, from the very beginning, the will to allocate 7% of their earnings to supporting artists and motivating cultural projects through the same tools and services we provide to the authors/clients.

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